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Physical Education

Valerie Broadwater
Department Chair
Fitness/Wellness, P.E., Team Training, Health
Planning: 2:00- 2:45
Dave Hobel
P.E., Health, Team Training/Adaptive P.E.
Planning: 2:00 - 2:45
Tim Nightengale
P.E., Health, Adventure Sports, Indiv. Life Sports
Planning: 2:00- 2:45

Valerie Broadwater is the Chairperson of the Physical Education Department, which also includes Mr. Tim Nightengale,and Mr. Dave Hobel.

The basic Physical Education Content Standards are based on scientific concepts and principles that aim to enhance health and well-being, contribute to fitness and motor skill development, and explain why and how movements can be performed safely and effectively. There are six main standards that reflect the skills and knowledge students have been obtaining since Pre-K in order to enhance their desire to engage in lifelong physical activity. The standards also represent principles consistent with those in other academic areas, such as mathematics, science, art, music, and health.

Not only are the required physical education classes offered, but there are four advanced classes available to students as well. These courses include Adventure Sports, Lifetime Sports, Fitness and Weight Training,and TeamTraining, These classes are an extension of the regular physical education classes that follow the same basic principles and goals. To prepare for the HSAs in the physical classes, students are challenged with the same format of questions as used on the HSAs, on semester exams and unit tests.




Principal: Danny Carter
Assistant Principal: James Evans
Assistant Principal: Katherine Loughrie

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Frostburg, Maryland 21532
Telephone: 301-689-3377
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