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Issue: Environmental

Grant Amount: $78,765.00
Year Funded: 2012
Organization: Frostburg State University Foundation, Inc.


See this link to the full newspaper article:

Primary Goal: Students from Mountain Ridge High School, with State Farm’s support, will supply reliable and unbiased information to the public so that rational decisions can be made regarding hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. We will collect pre-fracking baseline wate

r quality data on the water supply of Frostburg, which serves 12,000 people. All data and other fracking related research will be reported by students at public City and County meetings.

Rationale: The nearest proposed Maryland fracking site is only 1/2 mile from the Piney Run Reservoir. Two tributaries to the Reservoir originate in Pennsylvania, a state where fracking is permitted frequently. Baseline water quality data on the Reservoir will be useful.

Monthly Sampling Sites
1) Savage River Aquifer Spring
2) Unnamed Tributary (T1) to the Reservoir near most likely fracking site*
3) Piney Creek Tributary (C6) to the Reservoir*
4) Blandy Run Tributary (B7) to the Reservoir
5) Geatz Run Tributary (G8) to the Reservoir
6) Piney Run Reservoir Outlet
7) Raw Water Faucet at the Water Treatment Plant
8) Treated Water Faucet at the Water Treatment Plant

Analytes for Monthly Lab Analysis at Summit Labs
- Bromide (EPA 300.0)
• Gross Alpha & Gross Beta, Long –Term (EPA 900.0)
• Barium (EPA 200.8)
• Strontium (EPA 200.8)
• Methane (SM 6211B / EPA 8015)
• Aluminum (EPA 200.8)
• Calcium (EPA 200.8)
• Chloride (HACH 8224)
• Iron (HACH 8118)
• Magnesium (EPA 200.8)
• Manganese (EPA 200.8)
• Sulfate (HACH 8051)
• Sodium (EPA 200.8)

Monthly Field Data Collection
YSI Pro 30 – specific conductivity, total dissolved solids, temperature
YSI ProODO- dissolved oxygen (% saturation)
YSI pH10 Meter- pH
Hach Turbidimeter- Turbidity (NTU)


2014 Presentation at the UMCES-Appalachian Laboratory   (Presentation = 35 minutes, Questions = +25 minutes)





Principal: Danny Carter
Assistant Principal: James Evans
Assistant Principal: Katherine Loughrie

Contact Information

100 Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick Lane
Frostburg, Maryland 21532
Telephone: 301-689-3377
Fax: 301-689-8709