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Department Subjects Taught Planning Time E-mail Address
Danny Carter  Principal
James Evans Assistant Principal
Katherine Loughrie Assistant Principal
Crystal S. Judd Secretary
Teri Lavin Guidance Secretary
Bonnie M. Holshey
Financial Secretary

Melissa Lopez
Attendance Officer/ ISI
Kathy Anderson Art I, II, Honors Art IV 1:10-1:55
Tina Mowery Art I, II, Honors Art III 9:30-10:15
Nadine Beechie Academic Village, Personal Finance 11:05-1:05
Carmel Goodwin Personal Finance, Document Processing I, II, Computer Literacy, Service Learning Coordinator 1:10-1:55
Consumer Sciences
Melissa Hankinson Foods / Early Childhood /Skills For Living, Honors Human Growth, Health 7:48-8:35
Computer Science
Jeff Babich Exploring Computer Science, AP Computer Science 11:05-1:05
Jennifer Bonsell English I, Honors English I, II 1:10-1:55
Nicole Ruby English II, Honors English II, Journalism I 2:00-2:45
Sharon Malec English IV, AP English Literature, English III 10:20-11:05
Dr. Stephanie Marchbank Journalism,Honors English II,AP English Language,English III 10:20-11:05
Leslie Martin English I, Honors English I 11:05-1:05
Mollie McGee English III, College English & Speech, PARCC Remediation 8:40-9:25
Foreign Language
Patricia Gray  Honors French III, & IV, French I, II  8:40-9:25
Heather Malec Spanish II, Honors Spanish III, IV,V 7:48-8:35
John Stakem Spanish I, II 8:40-9:25
Jessica Jiang Chinese I, II
Leesa Blank  Guidance Counselor
Beth Ternent Guidance Counselor
Melody McCune School Psychologist
Rob Duncan Algebra I, Honors Algebra II, PARCC Remediation 2:00-2:45
Megan Bittinger Geometry, Honors Geometry 11:05-1:05
Tricia Emerick Geometry, Honors Geometry, College Algebra/Probs & Stats 7:48-8:35
Cindy Folk Algebra I, II, Integrated Math, Integrated Algebra 9:30-10:15
Sherry Kramer Algebra I, Elements of Math, Honors Algebra II 10:20-11:05
Vickie Hoover Trig/Pre-Calculus, Honors Trig/Pre-Calculus, Honors/AP Calculus, Academic Village 1:05-1:55
Michaela Linn-Hale Chorus,American Music Theater, Color Guard, Diamonds 9:30-10:15
Derek Shank  Music Theory, Orchestra,Contemporary Music ,Band,Jazz 7:48-8:35
Physical Education
Valery Broadwater Physical Education, Team Training, Health 2:00- 2:45
Dave Hobel  Health, Athletic Director 
Tim Nightengale P.E., Team Training, Adventure Sports 2:00 - 2:45
Nathan Dillon Algebra I, Elements of Math, Geometry,Modern World History 10:20-11:05
Rick Krauss

Adaptive Phys. Ed, ELA, Math Skills, Transition Pgm
Salina Lelpley English I, IV, SEF
Kathy Patterson English IV, Government,Modern World History, U.S. History
Allan Twigg Earth/Space Science, Biology, English I  2:00-2:45
Mike Robeson

Government,World History,US Government,LSF Government, Earth/Space Science
Holly Itzo English I, II, Modern World History
Chad Knippenberg Lang. Literacy Skills, Math,Personal,Social Skills, Career Explorations, Adaptive Phys Ed
Gene Lescallette Honors Biology, Biology, Honors Earth/Space Science, Earth/Space Science 9:30-10:15
Rebecca Byzon College Biology I/II, Human Body Systems, Biology Ap Biology 1:10-1:55
Norm Derosa Earth/Space Science, Honors Bio-Medical Science,Medical Intervention 7:48-8:35
Carole Diehl Biology, Honors Biology, Honors Genetics & Anatomy 10:20-11:05
Tom Kozikowski  Environmental Science, AP Physics, Honors Physics, AP Environmental 2:00-2:45
John Wade Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Foundations of Tech, Honors Earth/Space Science 1:10-1:55
Crystal Weimer Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Honors Biomedical Innovation ,Academic Village 2:00-2:45
Social Studies
Doug Baker Modern World History,AP Human Geography 10:20-11:05
Amy Dunn Psychology, Diamonds 8:40-9:25
Ryan Patterson Government,Team Training 2:00-2:45
Dr. Matt Ravenscroft Government,AP, Historical Research I, II, 9:30-10:15
Nathan Shipe World History, AP, Honors, Modern World History, Contemporary World Issues 11:35-12:35
Jeff Wilson U.S. History, Goverment, Goverment Bridge 7:48-8:35
Technology Education
Jonathan Byzon Foundations of Technology, Construction I, II, Communications Tech I,II 9:30-10:15
Todd Logsdon Web Design I,II,Foundations of Technology,Construction I 9:30-10:15


Principal: Danny Carter
Assistant Principal: James Evans
Assistant Principal: Katherine Loughrie

Contact Information

100 Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick Lane
Frostburg, Maryland 21532
Telephone: 301-689-3377
Fax: 301-689-8709