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Department Subjects Taught Planning Time E-mail Address
Danny Carter  Principal
James Evans Assistant Principal
Katherine Loughrie Assistant Principal
Crystal S. Judd Secretary
Teri Lavin Guidance Secretary
Bonnie M. Holshey Financial Secretary
Kathy Anderson Art I, II, Honors Art IV 11:05-1:05
Tina Mowery Art I, II, Honors Art III 9:30-10:15
Nadine Beechie Academic Village, Personal Finance 10:20-11:05
Carmel Goodwin Personal Finance, Document Processing I, II, Business Management, Computer Literacy 2:00-2:45
Consumer Sciences
Melissa Hankinson Foods / Early Childhood /Skills For Living 7:48-8:35
Computer Science
Jeff Babich Web Design I, II, III, Exploring Computer Science 11:05-1:05
Jennifer Bonsell English I, Honors English I, II, Developmental Reading 9&10 10:20-11:05
Nicole Ruby English II, Honors English II, Journalism I 2:00-2:45
Sharon Malec English IV, AP English Literature, CCR Transition Course 10:20-11:05
Stephanie Marchbank Journalism ,Honors English II, AP English Language, English III 7:48-8:35
Leslie Martin English I, Honors English I 1:10-1:55
Mollie Mcgee English III, College English & Speech, PARCC Remediation 8:40-9:25
Foreign Language
Patricia Gray  Honors French III, IV, & V, French I, II  10:20-11:05
Heather Malec Spanish II, Honors Spanish III, IV 9:30-10:15
John Cornmesser Spanish I, II, French I, Chinese II, III, IV 8:40-9:25
Li Ying (Emliy) Chinese I, II, III, IV
Leesa Blank  Guidance Counselor
Beth Ternent Guidance Counselor
Melody McCune School Psychologist
Rob Duncan Algebra I, II, Honors Algebra II, PARCC Remediation 7:48-8:35
Megan Bittinger Geometry,Honors, Integrated Algebra 1:10-1:55
Tricia Emerick Geometry, College Algebra/Probs & Stats 7:48-8:35
Cindy Folk Algebra I, II, AP Statistics 1:10-1:55
Brandon Frantz Algebra I, Elements of Math, Integrated Math 9:30-10:15
Vickie Hoover Trig/Pre-Calculus, Honors/AP Calculus 10:20-11:05
Michaela Linn-Hale Chorus,Academic Village, Color Guard, Chinese I 8:40-9:25
Derek Shank  Music Theory, Orchestra,Contemporary Music ,Band,Jazz 7:48-8:35
Physical Education
Valery Broadwater Physical Education, Team Training 2:00- 2:45
Dave Hobel  Health, Athletic Director 
Tim Nightengale P.E., Health, Adventure Sports 2:00 - 2:45
Nathan Dillon Algebra I, Intergrated Algebra, Geometry 1:10-1:55
Rick Krauss

Personal/Social/Math Skills, Lang.Literacy Skills,
Career Exporation,Adaptive Phys. Ed
Salina Lelpley English I, IV, SEF
Kathy Patterson English IV, Government,Modern World History, U.S. History
Allan Twigg Earth/Space Science, Biology, English I  2:00-2:45
Mike Robeson Integrated Algebra, Modern World History, Environmental Science U.S. History, L.S.F. Government
Holly Itzo English I, II, Modern World History
Chad Knippenberg Lang. Literacy Skills, Math,Personal,Social Skills, Career Explorations, Adaptive Phys Ed
Gene Lescallette Honors Biology, Earth/Space Science 1:10-1:55
Rebecca Byzon College Biology I/II, Human Body Systems, Ap Biology 8:40-9:25
Norm Derosa Earth/Space Science,Bio-Medical Science,Medical Intervention 8:40-9:25
Carole Diehl Biology, Algebra 1, Honors Genetics & Anatomy 10:20-11:05
Tom Kozikowski  Environmental Science, AP Physics 2:00-2:45
Gene Lescallette Honors Biology, (Honors)Earth/Space Science 1:10-1:55
John Wade Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Foundations of Tech 1:10-1:55
Crystal Weimer Chemistry,HSA Bridge Coordinator,Academic Village 9:30-10:15
Social Studies
Doug Baker Modern World History,AP Human Geography 10:20-11:05
Amy Dunn Psychology, Diamonds 8:40-9:25
(Substitute) U.S. History, AP, Honors, Criminal Justice 10:20-11:05  
Ryan Patterson Government,Team Training 2:00-2:45
Matt Ravenscroft Government,AP, Historical Research I, II, 9:30-10:15
Nathan Shipe World History,Ap,Honors, Modern World History, Contemporary World Issues 11:05-1:05
Jeff Wilson U.S. History, Goverment, Goverment Bridge 7:48-8:35
Technology Education
Jonathan Byzon Foundations of Technology, Construction I, II, Communications Tech I,II 9:30-10:15
(Substitute) Foundations of Technology,L.S.F. Government 1:10-1:55  


Principal: Danny Carter
Assistant Principal: James Evans
Assistant Principal: Katherine Loughrie

Contact Information

100 Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick Lane
Frostburg, Maryland 21532
Telephone: 301-689-3377
Fax: 301-689-8709